Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Overnight train to Belgrade, Serbia

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The overnight train from Budapest to Belgrade took about 8 hours in total and I survived from that. The ticket that costed me €20EUR was bought just 1 day before departure and it was a seat ticket only, meaning no bulk bed, no private sleeper compartment, just seat. The train was never full and the seating area was pretty empty. I guess there were only 15-20 travellers in this passenger coach.

Clean and comfortable seats

 The toilet is clean and comes with toilet paper! (What a luxury!)

The first class seat compartment

When the train reached the border between Hungary and Serbia at about 1a.m., Hungarian immigration officers boarded the train and asked for passengers' passports. My passport got checked and stamped. Train left that station after the Hungarian officers finished checking all the passengers and it stopped half an hour later, then the Serbian officers boarded. Again, passport checked and stamped, everything was all good. One of the officers was a nice old gentleman and said to me, "Welcome to Serbia."

The bus ticket office near Belgrade Main Terminal

The train arrived Belgrade on time at about 6:45a.m. The weather was a bit moody and rainy.

To be continued...

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