Sunday, February 21, 2016

Revisit Poznan - Time I Realise I Really Missed Poland

Poznan Old Square


"Calm down." my inner voice said.

But it has already been 3 years since I left Poland and I'd have to say I really missed this country, especially, Poznan - the city I stayed for 2 years and enjoyed very much.

Quick throwback to 2012 summer, while I was working for the EURO 2012 - 

Nice view from the stage

People went crazy when the grannies started to sing

Jarzębina! Backstage crews got excited when meeting the lovely granny group who sang the official Polish anthem for EURO 2012

Late June in Poznan can still be cold and rainy - what a moody city! Tymon picked me up from the airport and I felt asleep throughout the drive back to our previously shared flat. Kinda surprise to see everything in the flat looked exactly the same as I left in 2012 (even the expired cooking spices I brought in long time before, WTF?!) except the cat passed away a year ago...T^T

After a short nap, Tymon was off to work again and I went straight to the market trying to hunt for some foods. I could so tell it was the strawberry season in Poland because there were little pop-up stalls or hawkers selling strawberry at every corner of the city! The smell was just AWESOME!

5zl per 1kg, that's roughly 1EUR! I could live like a happy kid there eating strawberry all day long!

Some pop-up flea markets in the old square

Flower market - Polish granny's favourite!

Practicing my broken Polish in local market

Can't believe the tram is now having real-time GPS map! OMG!

Cheap ham from Biedronka - my guilty comfort food <3

Missed this nice neighborhood 

Helping Tymon's mum to prepare a simple birthday dinner for his dad

There was a night I met up some ex-colleagues in a bar. It was no surprise to know that most of them already left the company after the acquisition. I don't really miss the time I had to literally keep asking customers "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" but it was just great to catch up with all these lovingly geeky colleagues again!

Checking out new restaurant in town with ex-colleagues

Time flies. 7 days in Poland passed really quickly. I started to miss all those lovely people when I was in the transit area at Warsaw International Airport. I could still recall the hard feeling when I made the decision to leave Poland, that was probably the hardest and saddest choice I have made in my life...seriously, I feel like I miss Poland too much that I should just consider to relocate there again.

Nothing - just a travel cliche shot


  1. I just discovered this blog and the latest post is about my hometown, how cool. It is somehow strange to read that you miss Poland because many young people moved abroad since we've joined EU. But we are developing and Poznań has always been on top of its game when it comes to investments and EURO pushed things forward alot.

    I also just recently discovered DigitalRevTV which I find excellent so congrats and keep up the good work :).

  2. What a small World!...just watched episode on DigitalRev with you and found this web site just to discover you have been living in my hometown! All the best for you girl and keep up a good blog! ;)


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