Friday, June 20, 2014

About Me


I am a travelholic and a very lucky person who has been given opportunities to travel in 20+ countries by the age of 24. That's something I would have never expected to happen. Everything just happened. Just like how I first started working in IT industry in Poland after university but ended up as a location scout in Southeast Europe.

When chances come in life and interest me, I would just take them.

The Nerdiness In My Blood

Back in my high school days, I was quite a nerdy person in class. Writing "hello, world" was my major source of enjoyment. (Though, somehow, I manged to complete my Graphic Design degree in England with an upper second class honour. Achievement unlocked!) When I first started my multimedia study in university, I already have a bit freelance working experience of API projects for big names, so I thought I would choose the UI/UX study path without any doubt.

Plan and mind changed.

After my first year in university, I felt like university wasn't quite for me. So, I took a short break, applied for my first adult passport, and went travel alone, in Siberia.

I am an adventurous person deep in my blood. All the crazy happenings in Siberia just opened up my world. I found out I enjoy listening to people's stories.

I went back to university and changed my study path. I've got the chance to study film photography, storytelling and cinematography in my second year and that basically changed my life. I've finally found what I love doing! I enjoy writing script and visualising the script by any visual means, like photography and videography. I want to be a storyteller!

**Throwback - I believe I am probably the only person who actually enjoy writing personas when doing UX design back then. (Seriously, who would give a fuss on persona in school projects? Well, I do.)

Travel Makes Me Learn And Grow

The more I travel the more I learn and the broader my perspective becomes. I've learnt that travel is not all about beautiful landscape or tourist attractions. People, culture, history there also matter, all these factors come in a package.

Travelling in exotic destinations, like Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Chechnya, gives me an odd mixture of fear and excitement. Through travelling, I developed cultural awareness and received chances to meet loads of amazing people around the world! This also landed me my very first freelance location scouting job somehow, another long story tho.

Works I Do For Living

Right after my uni, I worked as a IT Analyst for 2 years (Yes, please imagine me in the IT Crowd) and started to work in video production by chance. There was a time I was into commercial photography for travel magazines, then moved into backstage and video production management, e.g. production set design for TVCs, overseas crew arrangement. Eventually, I landed in location scouting particularly. Wooffff...what a journey.

Been back in my hometown Hong Kong for 2 years so far, the time I spent in TV broadcasting industry helped me to gain in-depth knowledge about video production, like the industry standard and ability to adapt new production trends. Not to mention pressure management...fancy to get an emergency call from the Master Control Room at 1 a.m.? You should consider working in broadcasting then, especially in the newsroom.

Last But Not The Least: My Resting B*tch Face

Don't get me wrong because of my resting b*tch face, that's just my expressionless face. I am a nice person in general. Trust me.


Oh wait...
Is there actually someone who finished reading this and not thinking I am an egomaniac?
You must be an awesome person then!
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  1. Very Interesting! Ill read some of your other posts :-)

  2. Finally found you now...i like your eyes, umm no, it's love now. i love your are very fortunate to travel lots of places...that kind of human surely has broad perpective in life...just keep growing..and sharing..will always look forward for your future post from now on..God bless you.

  3. May i know what school you studied in the Philippines?

  4. So nice to know more about you Rita, just enjoyed the vids from Fuji, had to know more about you, and this is where it led. If you would be so kind, please stay at DigRev for a while, you add a whole new dimension to the videos which is refreshing. If you want to explore the U.S. I'll show you around Florida anytime. Keep up the terrific work!

  5. Which is your actual photo gear (lenses & camera), Rita?


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