Thursday, May 1, 2014

First Impression of Belgrade, Serbia

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This city is painted in grey
The first impression of Belgrade is kinda...not that positive. I made this "judgment" when I first arrived Belgrade and from what I saw from main train station, the general colour tone of the city architectures is pretty moody, grey and simply not appealing. The whole impression of Belgrade is a little bit depressive, if you ask me.

Not to mention the "war-torn" stereotype that has been promoted on media since 1999. I shall have studied more about the history and current affairs of an new destination. I blame no one but myself for being lazy and not taking my high school history class serious.

Belgrade is cheap in terms of living cost(from a traveller's view)
I stayed at hostel, for €10, I had a nice clean bed in the 6-bed dorm, which was empty when I checked-in. Food from local cafes is affordable and seems they don't have much habit to trap foreign travellers, unlike Barcelona...

People is nice but not "over friendly"
To be frankly, I didn't have much interactions with the local during my stay in Belgrade, mainly because I was not in the mood - I was too focusing on my following trip to Kosovo. I was once greeted by a supermarket staff in Chinese and a big nice smiley face. I had never expected to hear "Ni Hao!" in Serbia. I can't recall much stories between me and the local there, but in general I have quite a positive impression for the local people, at least, I received no racist joke from Belgrade.

I am a bit scared if the local is over friendly when I am in an new destination, for instantly, Istanbul or Pristina. Sometimes I just have no ideas If I overreacted and had mistaken friendliness for sexual interest, or even worst, the vice versa. That can be really confusing due to language barrier and misconception of foreign body language, if there is any.

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