Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Side Note: Nightlife in Prishtina

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I am not that into nightlife when I am on assignment overseas, meaning I missed the nightlife in Kosovo last time, but this time, I know I need to make some time for the nights in Prishtina.

I would have to say drinking and dining out in Prishtina are reasonably cheap. In Prishtina, finding a €1 beer has no difficulty at all and if you are a female, the chance you are given free drinks is pretty high, but please beware of any suspicious people/drink as if you are in your own country. Common sense applies everywhere.


There was one night, we, the backpackers from hostel, all went to a party. Right after the party, I was too drunk to remember when and where exactly our group found a supermarket trolley. We "drove" the trolley all the way from the city centre to our hostel. I remember we met some policemen and workmen during the way back to hostel but no one stopped us. The policemen even requested photos with us...

I also remember several of us climbed up the NEWBORN and shouted loudly like a drunk chav. All I got on the next day, was a bit dehydration, some stupid photos on my phones and a few bruises on my knees and arms.

What a night in Prishtina!

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