Thursday, October 3, 2013

Welcome back to Prishtina

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I missed the Bill Clinton Statue in Prishtina somehow, just saying.

Can't remember since when exactly I developed an idea to visit Kosovo every year. I have a desire to visit Kosovo from time to time...I always feel like there is some sort of connection between me and this place since I first learnt about its name from TV news when I was a kid. This is just like some girls are so obsessed with Paris with no reason. Never mind, I am a nerd and this explains everything.

After a 2-hour bus ride from Mitrovica, I arrived in the Prishtina major bus terminal. Unlike last time, there is no photo assignment no tripod no multiple cameras in my pack this time, I am with a light backpack only. I walked all my way to city centre from bus station, without the help of taxi or any mean of public transportation. This 20-minute walk made me felt like I knew the city well. (Sounds creepy, I know.)

On my way to city centre

Nice statue on the roof of Hotel Victory! Oh wait, this isn't USA?

It has been only 10 months passed from my last visit in Prishtina, I can really notice the city is changing in a rapid way.

NEWBORN is painted in foreign flags!

Don't foresee the places for Greece and Spain will be painted in short term

This was taken in 2012, the flags are all gone, guess those were temporary decoration.

The same "old thing" still happened to me is, creepy guys from street tried to offer me free sex. "Not discounted but free instead? Wait! Do I really look like a sex tourist who travels half around the globe to buy sex from a random guy in Prishtina?" I asked myself. I discussed this matter with several female solo travellers I met in the hostel and found out I wasn't the only one who received this type of harassment among the group.

I have been asked couples of time by random guys "Can you kiss me for one time?" in Prishtina. I am not sure if that is an inside joke or just a local clique. I asked help from a hostel staff and a Canadian female traveller. We tried to google "kiss me for one time" but found nothing special. Mystery remains mystery.

We tend to believe those were just some random creepy guys who intended to sexual harass foreign female traveller. Anyway,  "Welcome back to Prishtina." I told myself.

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