Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reunite with my best travel buddy in Budapest

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My best travel buddy, Olga, waited me at the Budapest Airport and we hugged so hard when we finally saw each other. I was a bit afraid if she can still recognise me after our last meet in 2010. Fortunately, both of us didn't change much in the past 3 years.

I met Olga's friend, Jaja, from Thailand during my second day in Budapest. Jaja showed me around the city and all the cute little hidden gems. We've been eating all day long. I feel sorry for not spending more quality time on visiting museums.

 A beautiful McDonald Restaurant near Nyugati pályaudvar Train Station

Cafe in vintage decor

of course, place to hunt for cheap and tasty Goulash

 Just FYI, 350HUF is about €1.2EUR and you can get a pint of beer out of that

 cheap local cafe is easy to spot

Out of curiosity, I bought a Wasabi flavoured cheese from a local supermarket. Holland is now on my wish list.

 cute sign on tram

 Traditional Hungarian apartment

3 days pasted and my time in Budapest was great, mainly because Olga was with me. It is hard to tell when we will have chance to meet each other in the near future, since we both have engaged in full time work at different sides of the world.

I always believe the best part of travel is not about the number of tourist attractions you've visited, it is more about the level of enjoyment you've gained from the trip, no matter how did you gain that. You may enjoy eating cheap local foods from an open market stall more than in a character-less 5-star hotel, only you will know.

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